About Us

The Beginning

Like most new companies, Tasteless Greetings was conceived by two friends over Chipotle. We happened to be discussing our inability to find any sick, twisted, yet still funny birthday cards, and it got us thinking: what if we could make our own cards? Now, keep in mind that if tested, both of us would likely be diagnosed with several psychotic disorders straight out of the DSM-5. In polite society this meant we had to disguise our unseemly and at times perverse senses of humor. However, when it came to conjuring up stalker jokes, puns for private parts, and a myriad of other generally inappropriate and childish greeting card concepts, these maladies suddenly became our biggest assets.

Our Mission

The more we talked about our silly little idea, the more we realized that for a lot of people, finding a terrifically rotten, yet funny birthday or holiday card was still really tough. So, we set out to brighten people's days through the use of our proclivity for dark, edgy and irreverent humor.  At our core we sought to push the boundaries of traditional humor in the greeting card space. 

Tasteless Greetings is about producing content that is not politically correct or broadly socially acceptable, but that is playful and funny without being lurid, x-rated, or obscene. Today, our mission is to produce consistently high-quality, yet really, really stupid greeting cards, apparel, and housewares. So far, we're succeeding beyond our wildest dreams. 

Our Core Values

Edgy, but not filthy or hurtful: Our content does not feature explicit profanity (we bleep), nudity or explicit sexual acts (we blur), and does not overstep when it comes to race, religion, sexual preference, or gender. Our intent is never to be mean-spirited or hurtful. Plus, we have kids and some day we'll have to explain this to them. 

Targeted, but not limited: Our content will not appeal to everyone, and that is okay with us. The essence of our vision is to spice up the staid, monopolized greeting card market. We seek to produce humorous greetings cards outside the traditional mainstream, but that aren’t so niche-y that we limit our potential appeal. And by potential, we mean we'd be tickled if anyone ever bought anything.

A modicum of taste and subtlety: Our cards and merchandise push the boundaries of what is acceptable in polite society, but we try to do it in a way that is, ironically, tastefully subtle. When possible or appropriate we attempt to leave a bit to the imagination. 

Thank You

If you decide to purchase our products, follow us on social media, or just support tasteless humor in the greeting card industry: thank you! We truly appreciate your patronage and we hope that we've brought smiles to your faces, and those of your card recipients.

All content is created in Seattle, WA, and all products are printed in the good ol' US of A.